Elkay Silicones at PAINTINDIA 2018

PAINTINDIA 2018 in Mumbai

We at Elkay, are excited to talk about our silicone products in a wide range of applications in Paints, Coating and Construction industries.

We are always looking to enhance lives using our highly flexible silicone chemistry.

It is always a pleasure to interact with our current and future customers.

The Elkay team looks forward to welcoming you in Mumbai at Stand No.H-13, Hall 1 on 8-10 March 2018!

Silicone products are widely used in coating industries for protection and also for styling the applications.

Foam control, water repellent, wetting, leveling and slip are some important applications. Silicone polymers are used to ease application of paints.

Silane siloxane

Silane siloxane blends are useful in Water repellent action,  Unique formulation,  Deep penetration of absorbent surfaces,  Reduction in water uptake, increases substrate durability (vertical/angled surfaces),  Surface is ready in less than 24 hours after treatment,  Require low dosage ,  5 year life in most environments,  Environmentally compatible and  Excellent on cement, plaster, exterior walls, non-vitrified tiles, porous stones.

Functional siloxanes

Functional siloxanes are applicable in Water repellent action,  Excellent bonding with inorganic pigmented surfaces (like iron oxides),  Reduction in water uptake, increases substrate durability,  Surface is ready in less than 12 hours after treatment,  5 year life in most environments,  Environmentally compatible,  Gives gloss and may deepen colour of the substrate,  Excellent on cement, plaster, exterior walls, non-vitrified tiles, porous stones,  Improves water resistance and mar resistance when added to paints (2-5%).

The PAINTINDIA series of exhibitions, since their inception in 1993, have been the pioneering and premier coatings exposition for the coatings industry in the Indian sub-continent. PaintIndia has built a place for itself as the pioneer and the only journal in the coating industry not only in India, but in the entire Far East. It has all along championed the cause of the coating industry to the extent that the Indian Industry looks upto the journal for objective presentation of news, independent expression of views and dissemination of information in continuing research in coatings and raw materials, and its allied fields.


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