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Elkay wins the Golden Maharashtra MSME Award

Elkay wins the Golden Maharashtra MSME Award

Elkay was presented the Golden Maharashtra MSME award for innovation by minister of industries for Maharashtra – Subhash Desai.

Golden Maharashtra MSME Awards recognize and reward Maharashtra’s entrepreneurs and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The award celebrates the strong culture of manufacturing, innovation and its achievers. With the Prime Minister’s clarion call of MAKE IN INDIA, it strives to put MSMEs in the forefront of manufacturing.

The mission of this award is to recognize MSMEs that exhibit impeccable leadership, robust financial strength, employment generation, transparency and creating wealth for its stakeholders.

At Elkay – Innovation is everyone’s business

In an ever dynamic market, innovation becomes the crux of a successful industry. At Elkay we have always believed in the power of discovery & innovation.

Since the conception of Elkay at Bhosari, Pune, Research & Development has been the strength of our company. We have leveraged the Indian technical talent and imbued in them our culture of looking for something new & better. Elkay has gone to the global market with 75 silicone products in the past 20 years. A large number of these products have been one of a kind in the Indian market resulting in them becoming import substitutes. With 7 patents, 5 technical publications and a long list of trade secrets, we have a position of being the sole manufacturer in India for 27% of our portfolio- Thereby creating a huge business footprint in the global silicone industry.

To evolve into an innovation centric organization, Elkay has created a cross functional team called ‘New Business Development’. This team has talented and passionate individuals with a thirst for the new and a drive for success. Witha perfect blend of R&D, engineering and marketing these individuals have the know-how to understand the market needs, the technical capabilities to develop products to meet them and a strategy to commercialize them in as short a duration as possible. Weekly meetings with the MD keep the pace going. This has seen a tremendous success.

Elkay values its employees and imbibes in them an ethos of ‘search for knowledge’. Management encourages open technical communications across all levels and has developed a culture of “Respect to each individual, enhancing our products and tolerance to failure”. As every employee works towards making innovation happen – at Elkay, Innovation becomes everyone’s business.

Elkay introduces exciting new products in 2015

Elkay introduces exciting new products in 2015

At Elkay, we are always working on new exciting products and applications. Upcoming for the first part of 2015 are great new additions to our agricultural adjuvant series and to our textiles portfolio.

AG-200 – we shall begin trialing our new pH stable agricultural adjuvant this month – unlike AG-100 that starts to degrade below a pH of 5.5, these will remain stable to a pH of 4. This will enable the incredible spreading of AG-100 in formulations that remain on the acidic side.

LK-Primasoft Light – an exciting new silicone softener emulsion that gives a unique touch and feel to any fabric. This is ideal for knits, polyester and denims. The main feature is excellent surface smoothness making fabric with a light and airy feel, giving the wearer wonderful comfort. This 55% solids also boasts of no fabric yellowing, easy dilutability and excellent durability. The product is ready to trial as of January 1st 2015.

Elkay presents AG100 a silicone based sticker

Elkay presents AG100 a silicone based sticker

Elkay presents AG100 a silicone based sticker and spreader at Kisan, Pune

Elkay provided live demos, awareness sessions and information leaflets about Elkay’s AG100 – A technical spreader and sticker product. Elkay’s stall was a huge success. We had more than 15,000 visitors who showed interest in our product which is a growing need in the agricultural industry.

AG100 is a silicone based adjuvant. This silicone super wetter provides more effective use of agro-chemicals. It enables larger coverage & lower spray volumes. Using Elkay’s AG products during fertilizer application has shown increased marigold flower yields by 40% (no surfactant) and 20% (NP surfactant).

About Elkay: For 24 years Elkay has been manufacturing world class silicone based products. Elkay is a cost-effective and technology driven manufacturer.