Elkay participates in AgriTech India 2015

Elkay participates in AgriTech India 2015

Silicone adjuvants application benefits at AgriTech 2015 in Bangalore

Elkay participated in AgriTech 2015, India’s largest Agriculture Business exhibition in Bangalore held from 21 August-23 August 2015.

Elkay Silicones representatives talked with a huge number of visitors about the benefits of silicone adjuvants/surfactants in terms of super spreading, super wetting, penetration, and their excellent success in foliar spraying.

Silicone adjuvants can be used for yield enhancement of various agriculture and horticulture crops by mixing it with micronutrients & liquid fertilizers. AG100 silicone surfactant is used to enhance the activity & efficacy of pesticide sprays such as herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to control or eliminate unwanted pests on fruits, flowers, vegetables and other cash crops.

Adding silicone adjuvants to the solution of micronutrients and liquid fertilizers maximizes performance and enhances quality. Plants need NPK – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. The best way to provide these nutrients is through foliar sprays.According to the scientists, a plant can transport minerals from its leaves all the way down to its roots in just 1 hour. Compared to root feeding, foliar spray is considered a more effective tool. As silicone adjuvants have high penetration abilities they enable the plant to absorb these nutrients in the most efficient manner.

Elkay demoed silicone defoamers for agricultural applications. LK- 675 is a modified silicone based highly potent anti-foam emulsion formulated specifically for agricultural applications. This product shows extremely fast foam destruction. It has excellent compatibility in other formulation components such as surfactant concentrates – it is especially suited for glyphosate formulations. The product is designed to retain efficacy in a wide range of pH and extreme conditions.

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