Elkay Silicones at Indian Oil Field Chemistry Conference (IOFC)_Ahmedabad 2018

Dr. Bilson Shukla, presented a technical paper on silicone additives for crude oil processing in Indian Oil Field Chemistry Conference (IOFC) 2018 at Ahmedabad on 27-28 September 2018. The technical programme covered mainly crude oil characterization, demulsification, drilling fluid chemicals & additives, high temperature high pressure completion fluids, water chemistry, polymers for EOR and other surfactants used in oil & gas sector. Chemistry and chemicals are integral part of upstream oil & gas industry. They play a significant role in drilling, well completion, crude oil demulsification, effluent treatment, defoaming etc.

The unique chemical properties of silicones (surfactants, fluids, emulsions) such as low surface tension (21 dynes/cm), high temperature stability, inert and wide pH stability, bio compatibility and environmental friendly could be used in various applications where performance required and this haven’t achieved with conventional chemistries. For the petrochemical industry, from drilling to refining to shipping – foaming leads to losses in efficiency, mechanical issues and fouling. Silicone foam control solutions allow foam control in multiple places in petrochemical units to increase productivity and save money.

Silicone demulsifiers are a relatively new type of chemical demulsifier which are driving efficiency. There have been several studies and tests done which show that silicone demulsifiers are efficient reagents both in pure form and as additives to organic systems. Silicone demulsifiers are not intended to replace organic demulsifiers. Instead, they should be blended together with organic demulsifiers. Typically, such a blend contains between 2 and 5% of a silicone demulsifier. These new organic/silicone formulations have synergies in demulsification of various crude oils.

This two-day event created opportunities for discussing and sharing experiences in all aspects of chemistry and chemicals for industry professionals involved in solutions to oil filed problems through chemicals.

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