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Elkay received SME Business Excellence Awards 2019 by Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet, the world’s largest knowledge provider hosted the “SME Business Excellence Awards 2019” in association with RBL bank, at New Delhi to recognize the achievements of India’s SME’s.

We are extremely pleased to announce that, Elkay Silicones was awarded “Top Chemical Manufacturer (SME sector) 2019” &

“Most innovative company 2019” under two different categories.
Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni, (Managing Director) accepted the awards on behalf of all Elkay’s employees and stakeholders.


Elkay Silicones Participated in CPhI India, 2019

Elkay participated in CPhI India, 2019, one of the most biggest and comprehensive pharmaceutical event of South-East Asia on 26-28 Nov. 2019. We thank to all the visitors who had shown their interest in performance silicone products. Visitors from different parts of world visited us and actively participated in knowledge sharing process.

At “CPhI 2019, India”, Elkay presented its entire range of silicone oil based pharmaceutical  products and solutions with a wide range of applications in Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care & Medicament and other various customised applications. Visitors shown interest for Simethicone 30%, Simethicone USP, Dimethicone BP, Contraceptive fluids & other performance silicone products. More than 300 visitors and vendors visited our stall including our esteemed customers.


Opening of Elkay Chemicals pvt Ltd, FDA plant at Lote Parshuram on 1, Dec.,2019

It’s promoted and managed by Dr. Ravi Kulkarni, Mr. Raju Lokapur and their bright children Dr. Rahul Kulkarni and Dhananjay Lokapur.
It was the inauguration of their FDA accredited and WHO CGMP  std Simethicone and Dimethicone plant. It’s first of it’s kind in the country and of international standard right from infrastructure to quality standard maintenance.

It was indeed a moment of pride for all of us as a family. Highly educated engineers after having trained and gotten work experience in US come back with a mission nearly 3 decades ago and later joined by their children to set up a project in unfriendly environment where entrepreneurship breeding is not a norm , is really commendable. Many talk about it but very few can really do it for many reasons.

They would never compromise on values for pursuing their goals.
It’s India’s biggest plant of these products which have worldwide application in antacid formulations both the liquid and the tablet forms. It has an installed capacity of 30 tonnes per year which means that it can cater to 33 percent of India’s annual consumption. It amounts to 8 billion doses!!!
Best part this project is that it’s conceived, designed, erected and implemented by our young generation Dr. Rahul and Mr. Dhananjay!!!
Elkay already has more than 100 products in the national and international markets with a reach in 90 countries which find applications from construction, textiles, paints, lubricants, agro chemicals to pharma and condoms!
Their venture will not only generate employment but save as well as earn foreign currency for the nation.

Elkay Chemicals at Indian Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives conference (IOGCA) 2019, Ahmadabad

Dr. Rahul Kulkarni, presented a technical paper on “silicone additives in oil filed applications” at Indian Oil & Gas Chemistry, Chemicals and Additives conference (IOGCA) Ahmadabad on 16-17 September 2019. The technical programme covered mainly crude oil characterization, demulsification, drilling fluid chemicals & additives, high temperature high pressure completion fluids, water chemistry, polymers for EOR and other surfactants used in oil & gas sector. Chemicals play a significant role in drilling, well completion, crude oil demulsification, effluent treatment, defoaming etc.

The unique chemical properties of silicones (surfactants, fluids, emulsions) such as low surface tension (20 dynes/cm), high temperature stability, inert and wide pH stability, bio compatibility and environmental friendly could be used in various applications where performance required and this haven’t achieved with conventional chemistry. Silicones are blanketed with -CH3 groups and with the flexibility of Si-O bond have exceptional mobility, low surface energy and surface active behaviour. It has high affinity to minerals, low affinity to asphaltenes, and almost no affinity to aliphatic. For the petrochemical industry, from drilling to refining to shipping – foaming leads to losses in efficiency, mechanical issues and fouling. Silicone foam control solutions allow foam control in multiple places in petrochemical units to increase productivity and save money.

Silicone demulsifiers are a relatively new type of chemical demulsifier which are driving efficiency. There have been several studies and tests done which show that silicone demulsifiers are efficient reagents both in pure form and as additives to organic systems. Silicone demulsifiers are not intended to replace organic demulsifiers. Instead, they should be blended together with organic demulsifiers. Typically, such a blend contains between 2 and 5% of a silicone demulsifier. These new organic/silicone formulations have synergies in demulsification of various crude oils.

Elkay actively works with its customers to help you with your silicone demulsifier, low temperature demulsifier and silicone defoamer needs. 

This two-day event created opportunities for discussing and sharing experiences in all aspects of chemistry and chemicals for industry professionals involved in solutions to oil filed problems through chemicals.

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Initiative for rain water harvesting

Clean water is a very much essential element for any manufacturing unit. In case of un-availability, it can hamper production. To overcome on this issue and become self-dependent Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. put forward steps under the green building norms for rain water harvesting. By using a very cost effective method, we were able to collect water at the rate of 10 lit/min in moderate rain.
Tested TDS of collected water comes below 50 which is good quality of water & can be stored separately. This water is also used for other activities like sanitary, cleaning & planting.

Elkay Silicones Participated in Chemspec 2019, India

Elkay participated in “Chemspec 2019, India” one of the well-known chemical expo in world on 16-17 April 2019. We thanks to all the visitors who had shown their interest in performance silicone products. Visitors from different parts of world visited us and actively participated in knowledge sharing process.

At “Chemspec 2019, India”, Elkay presented it’s entire range of silicone products and solutions with a wide range of applications in Construction, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Medicament, Agriculture, Rubber & Tyre, Chemical Process and other various customised applications. Customers shown interest for silicone fluids, emulsions, defoamers, surfactants and other performance silicone products.

More than 450 visitors including our esteemed customers, fortune 500 customers and vendors visited our stall.

ELKAY Silicones received SKOCH Achievers Award 2019

ELKAY received the SKOCH Achievers Award, 2019- under GOLD category on 23 March 2019,New  Delhi. Elkay was awarded for it’s innovative and exceptional work in the field of chemicals.

Mr. Dhananjay Lokapur and  Dr. Bilson Shukla accepted this award on behalf of all the Elkay employees  and customers.

Elkay Chemicals will be participating in Chemspec India 2019 Expo

We are always looking to enhance lives using our highly flexible silicone chemistry. We at Elkay, are excited to talk about our silicone products in a wide range of applications in Agriculture, Construction, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care, Medicament, Rubber & Tire, Chemical Process and various customised applications. It is always a pleasure to interact with our current and future customers.
The Elkay team looks forward to welcoming you in Mumbai at Stand No. D-25, Hall No. 1 on 16-17 April 2019!


Blood Donation Camp at ELKAY

Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (ELKAY) organized one day blood donation camp on 17th Nov. 2018 together with Rotary Club, Kothrud, Pune along with Sahyadri Specialty Hospital, Blood Bank, Pune.

Event was inaugurated by Rtn. Mrs. Nutan Bankar (President RCPK) in presence of Rtn. PP Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni (Managing Director) & Mrs. Alka Kulkarni (HR Director) of ELKAY. More than 20 employees donated blood to save the lives of more than 60 needy. Rtn. Mrs. Nutan Bankar, appreciated a great social initiative taken by ELKAY and helping society to do the best.

Elkay receives Company of the Year 2018 – Silicones award by Zee Business

On 25th Oct 2018, Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.  was awarded by the ’Zee Business Dare to Dream Award 2018’. Elkay Chemicals has been chosen as the  ‘Company of  the year – Silicone products’.
Elkay was one of the 13 elite companies honored with a “Dare to Dream”  award and the only company in the silicone sector. This award was given to Elkay for being a market leader who has strongly driven innovation and exports over the last few years in this industry!
Dr. Rahul Kulkarni, Vice President (Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.) attended the award function to accept the award on behalf of all the  Elkay employees and customers.