Elkay Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is committed towards innovation and development through sustainable approach, a step put forth to protect environment and control effects due to Climate change. Elkay has policies and projects to set goals and address requirements for the 4 pillars of Sustainability: Human, Social, Economic and Environmental. We focus to monitor and have internal projects to ensure minimization of greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, reservation of natural resources – flora and fauna.

Human : Ensure gender equality, measures and provisions to confirm Occupational Health & Safety, Work Ethics.

Social : Elkay identifies, contributes and participates continually implementing projects related to city river cleaning, Beach cleaning, infrastructure providing clean drinking water in schools, tree plantation programs, industrial visit training programs for students from rural areas as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Economic : We are committed to have principles and Business practices based on REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE concepts to minimize the waste generated contributing to reduction of disposal quantities as per legal provisions. Identification of projects for switching to Renewable energy sources.

Environment: Our organization is ISO 14001 : 2015 ISO Certified and all employees are obliged to follow the following environmental policy :
ELKAY commits itself to be a responsible citizen with due consideration to its environment.
We shall,

  • Comply with every environment law and regulation laid down globally, both in spirit and to the letter.
  • As a continual improvement; develop products, designs and processes that are environment friendly and promote recycling and conservation.
  • Commit to protect biodiversity and ecosystem by proper disposal of waste residue.
  • We will accomplish this through the awareness programs and training across all levels of staff, management, stakeholders and other. Environment must be a concern of every ELKAY employee.