At Elkay we believe that Silicone technology is the way forward. Passionate about our belief in innovation. We operate from a fully furnished DST (Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India), certified technology and innovation center. This is at the core of all our new product development as well as process technology evolution.
Over a period of 20 years, the company has innovated and introduced over 75 new products in Indian and international markets. Many of these products have been developed through a close association with customers while ensuring confidentiality of information. Elkay has protected its technology through 7 patents and numerous trade secrets. We also have 6 international publications.
At Elkay we maintain that technology is the key factor in establishing long term sustainability.

Research & Development

Elkay has a state of the art laboratory equipped with cutting edge technology. Our research & application laboratories are at the core of our expertise in understanding chemical functionalities. These allow our scientists to conduct in depth experiments and create globally competitive products.

Our Technical Capabilities Include