LK-7716 Cetyl Methicone

LK- 7716 is Cetyl Methicone, which is an excellent additive to de-grease any oil or oil/water combination product. It has a low surface tension and gives a smooth, non-tacky, non-greasy, soft feel to the skin. It is soluble in a all natural and synthetic oils and even a 1-5% dosage of LK-7716 can improve the spreadability while reducing the greasy feel of the carrier oil.

Cetyl Methicone is an oil which has excellent compatibility with other oils and has a small silicone cap that gives it the sensory benefits of silicone. Natural oils especially have unique benefits, but often have issues with an excessive greasy feel and low spreadability that limit user comfort. Small amounts of LK-7716 can overcome this issue.
As use of sunscreens are increasing, the heavy oily feel of sunscreens can be reduced with small amounts of LK-7716. Additionally it can help disperse the actives and promote spreading and make the creams very easy to apply. In house testing shows that sunscreens that require 10 rubs for proper application can have it reduced to just 3 rubs. It also helps in pigment dispersion in color cosmetics.

This product is totally cyclic silicone free.
Anywhere you need to make oils easy to apply and eliminate a greasy feel, LK-7716 is the answer!


 For sunscreens, add 1-5% to the oil phase.
For creams and lotions, LK-7716 should be added at 1-5% into the oil phase. It can alternatively be added at the final mixing, but stability needs to be checked.
For natural oils, 1-5% addition is recommended. The product will not discolor the oil at this dosage. For formulations containing natural oils, it is recommended to add LK-7716 into the natural oil prior to mixing.
For any other application assistance, please contact your ELKAY representative.


Hair oils, including natural                                                    Hair serums
Skin care lotions                                                                     Sunscreen lotions
Foundation                                                                              Any oil based cosmetic


De-greases the formulation                                                  Enhances spreading
Excellent oil compatibility                                                     Gives shine
Smooth, non-greasy feel                                                        Reduced tackiness
Retains skin moisture                                                            Enhances sensory for natural ingredients

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