Experience the benefits of LK - PTM

INCI Name: Phenyl Trimethicone

Enhance your beauty product with our premium silicone ingredient

LK-PTM is a silicone-based additive, designed to enhance your cosmetic beauty products with the following benefits

– It offers excellent emolliency and improved sensorial feel in a variety of applications.

– It exhibits a high refractive index resulting in high gloss, shine and mild conditioning in hair care products.

– It provides non-tacky finish and improved spreading in skin care products such as creams & lotions.

– It imparts glow in foundations and gloss in other color cosmetics.

– LK-PTM is suitable for formulating conditioners, styling agents and fixative.

– It is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and waxes.

– It has a shelf life of 24 months.

– It helps improve the texture and spreadability of the formulations.

– It also helps to retain moisture within the hair and skin, giving it hydrated, glossy appearance while conditioning it.

– It gives breathability and is easily emulsified.

– Provide oxidation resistance and UV protection.



CC Cream

Hair Serum


Lip Gloss

Lip Balm

Facial Powder

Hair Spray

Hair Conditioner

BB Cream

Makeup Primer

Brow Liner


Eye Liner


Application Benefits

Table Example
Benefits Properties
Appearance of Makeup Color Intensity
Performance Benefits Gloss, Shine, Spreadability and Sensory Enhancer
Skin Sun Protection Benefits SPF Boosting
Appearance Benefits Non-staining, Non-Whitening
Appearance of Hair Shine
Combing Benefits Enhanced wet & dry Combing

Hair gloss : Control vs LK-PTM treated

Unlock the benefits of Phenyl Trimethicone today!

Elkay Silicones is a well known Indian brand that specialises in silicone based cosmetic & personal care products.

LK-PTM is a made in India product.

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