LK- 7030 Silicone Surfactant

LK- 7030 is a silicone polyether co-polymer surfactant used extensively in chemical and petrochemical units. LK- 7030 acts as an efficient surface tension reducer and prevents adhesion of products to other products or to processing equipment. LK- 7030 is both water and alcohol compatible.


  • Excellent leveling and release agent
  • Prevents sticking of product to processing equipment
  • Provides a homogenous, clear and shear stable solution in water
  • Easy to spray due to low viscosity
  • Can be used in both spray and bath application methods
  • Allows for a uniform shape and dust free pastillization process (sulfur processing)
  • Compatible/inert in most formulations
  • Solutions in water can wet all standard equipment surfaces
  • Allows for longer continuous operation
  • Reduces equipment downtime

Apply by simply diluting this product in preferably DM water at 8-16% concentration when using in spray systems. Approximate usage is 30 grams per 1000 kgs Sulfur produced, but this can vary depending on the equipment and ambient conditions.

We supply to many leading global petrochemical units.

Available in both 200 kg and 1000 kg pack sizes.

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