LK- 7100 – PEG-10 Dimethicone

LK- 7100 is a silicone polyether co-polymer surfactant used extensively in personal care and home care products. LK – 7100 can act as an excellent surface tension reducer. This gives it the ability to act as a levelling agent, foaming agent, emulsifier or humectant depending on the application. It is both water and alcohol compatible.

It acts as an emollient in hand sanitizing gels/foams to prevent chapping of hands from the alcohol. Recommended usage in alcohol based hand and general sanitizer gels is 0.1-0.3%.

• Excellent cleaning agent/surfactant and spreading agent
• Low surface tension and excellent wetting
• Compatible/inert in most formulations
• Excellent spreading and levelling properties
• Gives excellent humectancy and gives a smooth final skin feel without dryness
• Usable in color cosmetics/ skin care, sanitizers and hair care formulations

*Beta Products

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Personal Care Products Bulletin 2017