We have proven performance solutions for spreading, wetting and foam control in crop protection chemicals. Silicone surfactants (silicone adjuvants) for tank mix applications in agriculture increase the performance of active products in pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, micro nutrients, plant growth regulators, liquid fertilizers and other foliar applications.

The silicone super spreaders are agricultural adjuvants​ and can improve crop quality, promote growth with very minimal dosage and increase penetration for nutrient uptake. This could reduce your costs by reduction in spray volumes, providing effective crop protection and enhancing yields. Silicone adjuvants are qualified as excellent spreaders and performance enhancers for agrochemicals.



Product Name Active content Spreading Ability Spreading Speed Unique Attributes
LK-AG-177 100.00% ***** ***** Compatibility for formulations
LK-AG-102 100.00% **** **** Low foaming and clear in water
LK-AG-100 100.00% **** **** Spreading with sticking ability Details
LK-AG-PW* 20.00% **** NA Powder with complete solubility in water
LK-AG-1080* 25.00% *** **** Economical option
LK-AG-1001 **** ** Ready to use
LK-AG-105* 100.00% **** *** Superior economy
LK-AG PLATINUM PLUS 100.00% ***** ***** Best spread ability / wetting Details
LK-AG PLATINUM 100.00% ***** ***** Excellent spread / rain fastness




Product Name Appearance Performance pH Unique Attributes
LK-AF 630 ABM Pink Milky Emulsion Clear Spot 6 seconds 7 Formulated for sugar distillary defoaming
LK-AF 675 White Milky Emulsion Clear Spot 3 seconds 7 Agricultural formulation applications




Product Name Active content Appearance Type Unique Attributes
LK-RX-22 100.00% Clear Water White Si-H reactive fluid Quickly crosslinks on particle surface

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