Silicones provide excellent coverage for micro cracks in exterior plasters and coatings, thereby extending the longevity of paints. This protects the structure from rain, humidity, fungus and moss. Elkay also provide wetting. levelling, dispersing & defoaming solutions.

Our formulations have been found to be particularly effective for clay tiles, asbestos replacement cement sheets and pre-fabricated cement blocks/slabs. ELKAY can offer products that are solvent-dilutable, as well as water-dilutable.


Product Name Appearance Substrates Unique Attributes Viscosity
LK-RX-22D Clear transparent liquid Admix in gypsum / cement Reactive Si-H fluid that gives a hydrophobic finish 100-200
LK-AQUASEAL-41 Amber yellow liquid Coating on natural stone / cement Reactive Potassium Methyl Siliconate for a hydrophobic finish NA



Product Name Appearance Solid Content Type Unique Attributes
LK-CERAGUARD Clear transparent liquid ~100% SiH type reactive fluid Oil formulation for stain resistance on tiles
LK-AQUA EM-290 Milky white emulsion 35-40% Silane/siloxane reactive emulsion Water based dilutable water-repellent
coating for spray/brush
LK-SEAL-290 RTU Clear yellow liquid 7-10% Reactive silane/siloxane in solvent Solvent based ready to use high
performance water repellent
LK-SEAL-100 Clear viscous liquid NA Reactive siloxane Film forming water repellent finish for walls/joints
LK-EMR-52 Milky white emulsion 46-52% SIH fluid emulsion Produces cross linking water repellent film
LK- Q1000 AP Slightly hazy liquid NA Silicone based resin excellent water repellent to cement based ad-mixtures


Functional Siloxanes

Liquids Solid Concentrations Type
LK-EMR 422 35% Aqueous milky emulsion. Water Dilutable up to 10 times.
LK-EMR 1400C 20% Aqueous clear orange emulsion. Antifungal. Dries clear.
LK-EM 46 35% Aqueous milky emulsion for cementitious product release

*Beta Products

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