Silicones are real beauty special chemicals and used in personal care applications. They provide smoothness on creams and lotions. In shampoos, silicones make hair softer and easier to comb. Our products include silicone formulation, silicone emulsions and surfactants.

We have solutions for leave-on and leave-off hair conditioners, creams and lotions. Silicones offer a wide range of chemistries and technologies that provide luxurious feels, shine and elasticity to skin and hair.

Today, silicones find a use in all types of hair care, skin care, sun care and color cosmetics products. Our products include silicone fluids, cyclomethicones, cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol blends, emulsions and surfactants used for hair serums, shampoos, hair conditioners, skin creames, deodorants, antiperspirants, hair oils etc.



Product Name Appearance Solid Content Unique Attributes Use
LK-EM 60 Milky white liquid ~60% PDMS fluid emulsion Silicone formulation base
LK-EMR 4222 Milky white liquid ~30% Cationic silicone emulsion Hair care/ conditioning Details
Simethicone 30% Milky white liquid ~30% Activated dimethicone emulsion Defoaming




Product Name Appearance Unique Attributes Viscosity Volatile Content
Dimethicone Clear transparent liquid Pharma grade PDMS fluids 200/350/1000 Less than 0.3%
LK-145 Clear transparent liquid Cyclodecamethyl-pentasiloxane (D5) >1 Above 99% Details
LK-1441 Clear transparent liquid D4 D5 Dimethiconol blend 4000-8000 83-86%
LK-1451 Clear transparent liquid D5 Dimethiconol blend 4000-8000 83-86% Details
LK-7300D Amber colour liquid PEG 12-Dimethicone surfactant 150-400 N.A. Details
LK-7810D Amber colour liquid PEG 10-Dimethicone surfactant 150-400 N.A. Details
LK-7100 Amber colour liquid PEG 10-Dimethicone surfactant 150-400 N.A. Details
LK-1453 Clear Smooth silky feel ~2500 <5%
LK-1021 Clear Powdery Smooth Feel, volatile silicone base ~5 <1%
LK-7716 Pale yellow liquid Smooth, Non Greasy, Oil modifier ~10  N.A. Details
LK-PTM Clear Soft feel, non-greasy, glossy, excellent shine, smoothness ~22  N.A. Details

*Beta Products