We produce high quality pharmaceutical products at our FDA facility. We are one of the largest producer of pharmaceutical silicones in India. Dimethicones are used in lubrication and skin care formulations. Elkay Simethicone products are used in anti-acid tablets, syrups and emulsions. We supply under IP, BP and USP labels i.e Simethicone USP, Simethicone BP and Simethicone IP.

USP/IP/BP Emulsions


Product Name Appearance Certifications Defoaming Activity Unique Attributes
Simethicone 30% Milky white/grey liquid USP/IP <15 sec. USP Pharma grade silicone defoamer Details


USP/IP/BP Fluids


Product Name Appearance Loss & Heating Unique Attributes Viscosity
Dimethicone Clear colourless liquid <0.3% Pharma grade PDMS oil 200/350/1000
Simethicone Translucent grey liquid <18% (per USP) <2% actual Activated Dimethicone fluid defoamer N/A
LK SIL 100D Clear colourless liquid <3% Dimethicone base for formulations, lubrications 200/350/1000

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