Elkay is pioneer in providing various Amino Silicone products & Silicone Softeners which find applications in Textile Finishing. Elkay has a strong presence in textiles in the Domestic as well as in the Export market.

We offer a wide range of products including hydrophilic and standard amino fluids, self dispersible amino fluids and amino fluid emulsions. We also offer non-amino fluids like carboxyl and epoxy functional fluids to give unique feels. Our products can be used on any fabrics including cotton, polyester, blends, knits, terry towels, nylons, etc.

** For table below: P=Polyester, K=Knits, D=Denims, C=Cottons, T=Terry




Product Name Appearance Feel Solid Content Ideal Fabric
LK-PRIMASOFT DRY Milky white liquid Dry, Slippery 20 Knits, Polyester, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT PLUS H Clear viscous liquid Soft, Smooth 30 Cotton, Suiting, Knits, Polyester, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT SURFACE 25 Milky white liquid Soft, Smooth 25 Knits, Polyester, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT PLUS 40 H Clear viscous liquid Soft, Smooth 40 Knits, Polyester, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT 752 Clear liquid Balanced feel 22 Knits, Polyester, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT WET PREMIUM Clear viscous Rich, Hydrophilic, Non-yellowing 20 Cotton, Suiting, Knits, Terry
LK-PRIMASOFT SMOOTH 20 Clear liquid Light, Super smooth, Soft 20 Cotton, Suiting, Knits, Blends
LK-PRIMASOFT SMOOTH 20PE Clear liquid Smooth, Soft 20  Polyester, Blends, Rayon, Nylon
LK-PRIMASOFT BLOOM* Milky white liquid Soft, Deepens dark colours 30 Cotton, Polyester, Knits, Blends, Denim
LK-PRIMASOFT LIGHT XLO Milky white liquid Light, Super smooth, Soft 52 Cotton, Knits, Blends, Denim
LK-PRIMASOFT POWER Clear viscous liquid Smooth, Soft, Bouncy 58 Cotton, Knits, Blends, Denim




Product Name Type Viscosity 25°C (cps) Amino Value(mg/KOH) Volatile Content % (110 C/1 hr.) Appearance
LK- ASF 09 Non Reactive 12500 8 <6 Clear slightly Hazy
LK-ASF 50 Non Reactive 150 30 <6 Clear slightly Hazy
LK-ASF 55 Non Reactive 150 15 <6 Clear slightly Hazy
LK-ASF 60 Non Reactive 1000 35 <6 Straw Coloured Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF 75 Non Reactive 100 60 <12 Straw Coloured Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF SS20 Non Reactive 1000 20 <6 Straw Coloured Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF R20 Reactive 1000 20 <6 Clear Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF R25 Reactive 1000 26 <6 Clear Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF-R32 Reactive 1400 31 <6 Clear Slightly Hazy
LK-ASF-R35 Reactive 7000 26 <6 Clear Slightly Hazy


Hydrophilic Fluid



Product Name Viscosity 25°C (cps) Feel Appearance Hydrophilicity Fabric
LK-HS 9805 2500 Soft, Smooth, Slippery Pale amber 1-2 seconds Terry, Suiting, Knits
LK-HS 9604 350 Natural soft feel Pale amber Instant Terry, Blends, Polyester, Knits
LK-HS STAR* 1000 Soft bulky feel Pale amber Instant Terry, Blends, Polyester, Knits




Product Name Type Unique Attributes
LK-MS 1000 Hydrophilic Additive Hydrophilic additive, Soluble in water/alcohol, Assists emulsification
LK-EMS 5110 Epoxy Dry, Bouncy, Elastic feel , Easily emulsified, Reactive fluid, Durable, Non-yellowing
LK-CRX 506 Carboxy Dry, Crispy feel, Reactive fluid, Durable
LK-HTF IV Hydroxy Dry, Bouncy, Cool, Elastic feel , Excellent Bounce, Durable, Non-yellowing
LK-OTS Wetting Agent Excellent low dosage wetting, Any fabric, Pre-treatment, Scouring
LK-AF 555 Antifoam compound Excellent low dosage antifoam compound
LK-ZYSF 20/32 Non-yellowing fluid Excellent feel with no yellowing
LK-MQE 21 Quaternary fluid Amino fluid, Giving a smooth film like effect


Self Dispersible Series


Product Name Feel Appearance Type Yellowing Fabric
LK-SD805H Soft, Slightly slippery, Smooth Pale yellow Hydrophilic Non Suiting, Knits, Cotton, Blends
LK-SD S8M Soft, Rich, Bulky feel Pale yellow Hydrophilic Non Suiting, Knits, Terry, Blends
LK-SD329 Soft, Surface smoothness Clear to pale yellow Very low Polyester, Blends, Viscose,  Rayon
LK-SD329M Soft, Super smooth finish Clear to pale yellow Standard Very low Suiting, Blends, Cotton

*Beta Products